The next meeting of the Arbeitskreis Gasturbine will take place on June 11./12., 2013 in Saarbrücken


This year's conference will take place at the AUDI company in Ingolstadt, Germany, from May 31st to June 1st, 2011.

We are looking forward to a lively exchange of information and interests during both days. This year, again, we were able to organize interesting speeches. Mr. Stöver will report on his alteration of his gas turbine regulation, which he managed on his own. The WOODGROUP company will present their updated product line-up. Furthermore we are looking forward to interesting contributions from all members, and we will have intensive discussions with the packager TURBOMACH.


The current record of the latest member meeting is online now. The speeches can be downloaded as attachments.

The new network requirements are planned to be implemented shortly. To be able to offer even better research features, another member questioning will be initiated. With this, the future research portal will be even more powerful.


After the 11th Members' Meeting has closed, a picture of the participants as well as a short abstract (German only!) is now available.

At the moment the network section is being updated. In the future, a research and edit function based on a database for enlisted members will be available.

The implementaion is planned for the 3rd quarter, 2007.


The new designed forum (bulletin board) went online today.

A division into turbine types with accordant subdivisions has been finally implemented. Additionaly, many new functions are now available.


The english version went online today!

Additionally, we provide you with information if you click on a logo in the operators section.


Today the Homepage of the Workgroup Gasturbines-Solar (AKGT-S) was released!

In some sections we are still working to improve the layout (e.g. in the forum).

This site needs the operators of this site as well as visitors.

We look forward to your suggestions and requests!