Workgroup Gasturbines-Solar

The workgroup gasturbines Solar (WGGT-S) was found in 1996. The intention of the workgroup gasturbines Solar (WGGT-S) is to establish a platform for the exchange of information among operators of gasturbines from the manufacturer Solar.

Among the members of the workgroup gasturbines Solar (WGGT-S) you can find a wide range of operators of gasturbines. Mainly, these are manufacturing companies, using the heat and electricity as extra power in their production processes. Also, there are power authorities, who feed the extra heat into public networks and increase their internal power supply.

The workgroup gasturbines Solar (WGGT-S) wants to be understood as a manufacturer independent organisation.

By exchanging information in the workgroup gasturbines Solar (WGGT-S), problems as well as optimization approaches can be treated efficiently, thereby contributing to an economical operation.

Maintenance is one of the main themes at the workgroup gasturbines Solar (WGGT-S). In this respect the workgroup gasturbines Solar (WGGT-S) see themselves as intermediaries between operators of Solar gasturbines and manufacturer and maintenance companies.

During annual meetings, the members of the workgroup gasturbines Solar (WGGT-S) discuss the newest topics regarding the operation of gasturbines. By integrating operators, manufacturers, maintenance companies and the Technical Inspection Authority, first-hand solutions can be provided. The access to expert knowledge from the SOLAR developers is very helpful. On this site, you can find helpful tools, such as an independent discussion forum, built for fast and simple exchange of experiences. Current problems are being discussed and possible solutions are being suggested.

Registered members of the workgroup gasturbines Solar (WGGT-S) have access to a comprehensive database as well as the records of the meetings of the workgroup gasturbines Solar (WGGT-S).

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